Step 1: Thanks

Now, let’s see if I can flip how I’ve been feeling which truly hasn’t been the greatest most whole and healthy.

A good place to start is to give thanks.

  1. I’m grateful for life. There’ve been so many deaths that it has been a heavy dose to the heart, even as I accept that it occurs. It doesn’t take death for me to appreciate life though. At times, I wish others would be just as appreciative.  This is what starts to give me grief because I haven’t quite managed the guarding of the heart in that area. On a positive note, I am grateful for life and I really try to show others that I appreciate them in my life.
  2. I give thanks for my prayer life, even when sometimes I don’t feel like I’m being heard. It’s a habit and hope. It’s a lifestyle and a relationship that I am building. I express my gratitude.
  3. I give thanks for strength because many times I feel like Job and don’t understand why the desire, hope, or investment just doesn’t prove fruitful. I will continue to press on.

These are small steps back to rebuilding myself. There are days when my progress feels like it gets pushed back to square one. I’m still striving and moving forward. Thanks is a great place to start.

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