1. When you need the break, take the break.

2. Your body can feel joy and then deep sadness. Let it flow. Instead of battling, there’s times you should let it flow out. Allow your body to reset.

3. Love yourself not to allow someone else to make you question your worth when they won’t do the work. It won’t be easy but loving yourself and being kind to yourself is a daily practice. Love others when your love is healthy and theirs is as well.

4. We live and we learn. Some lessons will be repeated. Our life may be tied to lessons for others. Make sure you know and honor yourself through it all. Keep it positive.

5. Do the work to break the negative cycle. It’s called work because it takes effort and consistency.

6. When it comes to love, God first. Not forcing a belief but for me God has to be first because that’s the only love I feel I can depend on even at my worst. I’m still growing in this area and I have a tremendously long way to go.

7. Self-respect. Integrity. Honesty. Dependability. Loyalty. Support. Commitment.

Don’t fail the test. Seek understanding of each and implement it into your lifestyle.

8. Pray. Think. Be humble.

9. Keep breathing

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