00:47 16 March 2019

Dear God,

Only you know what you’re doing in this season of my life. The stillness within and the isolation is for a reason and I’m opening to your leading. You know my heart and mind. You know my desires, hopes and dreams. No, I don’t know what’s in store nor why the road seems full of tests. It’s okay though. I’m alright. Thank you for allowing me to be a woman with a good heart and mind. Although it’s feeling guarded and measured in what I will allow, I’m grateful for what your plan is, even as I don’t know it yet. I ask for peace, joy, wholeness, and a love only you can give. Thank you for provisions, for grace, and for mercy. I pray for your angels of protection. I pray for doors to open in areas so I can achieve my remote visions, financial freedom, creative plights, and bless others through what you create through me. Thank you for hearing my prayers. I seek your answers, your voice, your will, your way, and your plan. Remove from me who and what is not in line with your plan. May discernment and your prompting be clear and understood. I pray for safe travels and protection for my children, family and friends. You are almighty and I give you thanks. Speak to me. My heart and mind are open to you. I give you praise.


2 thoughts on “00:47 16 March 2019

  1. interesting… i’m deeply touched and had to type this…you sound so sweet, please continue to be so… God is with you no matter the challenges and seeming loneliness going on around or in you. read the Bible, Joseph was there, Moses was there, job was there, even Jesus felt God had forsaken him—but their end was always far better off… but no God doesn’t foresake… thanks for reading

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