The people in our lives have a large impact on who we are.

Yesterday, a friend passed away that I’ve known since I was a child. He’s the same age of my father and always treated me with love and respect. He always spoke in truth even if you didn’t want to hear it but it came from a caring place. It still feels a bit unreal but there’s joy in knowing that he’s in a better place. He’s in a place that he’s been committing his life too, a place where he’s poured into himself and others about.

There’s been a lot of loses over the last 7 months. Some near and dear and others not so close. Some have been lost, yet still have breath in their bodies. Sometimes these loses hurt the absolute worst.

But I’m grateful for the time spent with each because they each have impacted my life, taught me about people and myself, and allowed me to gain wisdom. I celebrate all these people. I celebrate God in it all.

Express to the people that you encounter how valuable they are to you. Allow them to know that you care and appreciate them. Time can’t be replaced but we can honor it with what we choose to invest in.

2 thoughts on “Irreplaceables

    1. Thank you. You’re right. It always reminds me of when I hear people say give me my flowers while I’m living. I believe in celebrating people and showing them they are loved for sure and I pray they never have to question it.

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