Be with us

“This is how I fight my battles.”

I praise you.

I thank you for what you’re going to do this week for the reader of this post and in my life as well.

I thank you for the peace and comfort that comes as a result of trusting you.

We trust you through our pain.

We trust you through our lack of understanding.

We trust you through our fears.

We trust you for our healing.

We trust you to guide us in our walk of truth, humility, loyalty, and so much more.

We trust you and thank you for every battle you’ve fought on our behalf.

You have claimed the victory.

I thank you for the many messages that you will bring our way this week.

You speak in our relationships and we are open to your direction and spirit.

Thank you.

We praise you.

We thank you.

Be our compass.

Be our healer.

Be our fullness.

Be our love.

Thank you for all you’ve done, do, and what’s to come.

Thanks for your sacrifice.

May our praises rise and gratitude flow.

May we not be closed to what you’re doing in our lives.

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