I desire authenticity in my life.

No lies. No selfishness. No excuses. No pretend.

I desire authenticity.

Not only because I live a life of being authenticity wrapped in love and positive intentions, but I know it’s possible and valuable.

When inauthenticity, lies, lust, selfishness, lack of accountability, lack of respect and so much more are present, it creates hurt. It destroys connections. It builds barriers upon your road and others road to success and progress.

No I can’t control how authentic others are in my life but I can remove them or deal with them as little as possible in my life.

People will say they don’t want to hurt you but every action or decision they have that opens you up to more hurt shows the lack of truth and inauthenticity in their statements and actions.

I desire authenticity.

I breathe authenticity.

I love authenticity.

I pray for authentic people in my life and others to be removed.

I’m grateful that I’m an authentic woman, person, friend, and more.

And if you know that you’re inauthentic, remove yourself from the lives of others. It really doesn’t help yourself or others in being healthy and whole.

This is an authentic only zone.

9 thoughts on “Authentic

    1. You’re right she is. She’s fallen off my radar because I haven’t been following her like I used to. It’s been a few years. I’m going to add her newest read to my booklist for this year. I’d love to see what she’s been working on. Thanks for bringing her back into my view

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  1. I was commenting and I saw Brene Brown mentioned… I LOVE HER!!! I read her book on living an authentic life and it was a life changer for me. Okay… Now… To your post… lol

    Every word you say is so true. I think the biggest disappointments in my life have been discovering that some of the people who claimed to be down for me weren’t really being real with me. They were lying, faking and shaking for selfish reasons and it became clear to me that they were only around because they were trying to please themselves. When a connection is not 50/50 it just doesn’t work. Loyalty is a must and consistency, as well. I can’t deal with part time/fake friends. Be real or go home. LOVE this post, Virgo! So much power!

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    1. Loyalty and consistency: A to the Men. Amen. Disappointments will come but I promise I’m grateful that I’m able to honor who I am with my lifestyle/authenticity. No more toxic relationships. They will surely have to be let go. The rebuilding process, although wisdom gaining, is truly avoidable sometimes and deeply painful. Authentic zone only.

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