I… want… maybe need… but desire and pray for..

I’ve had easier days

I’ve had better days

I’ve had days to where I didn’t feel drained emotionally and physically

I’ve had days where my focus was clearer than it is today

I’ve had days where I’ve felt rested and refreshed

I’ve had days in which I felt loved and appreciated

Those days have felt far away

And even on those days I managed to give praise and prayers of thanks

Oh boy, how I really wished today was a day that is overflowing with miracles of feeling more up than down

I desire days filled with more love that is a choice and flows both ways

I desire support that doesn’t have to be requested

I desire days where peace and sleep often share the same bed

I desire days where my day starts when I decide and it doesn’t mean I pushed my obligations aside

I desire days where my heart didn’t feel like it was disemboweled and bleeding slow

I desire days when everything feels great no matter where we decide to go

I desire days drenched in I Love You so sweet and sincere

I want to not have to feel like day after day has to be a battle

I want to see the harvest of my hard work and heart work

I want to know that everything in my life is reflective of my values and it values me as well

I want to live tied to a love that’s loyal, committed, and refreshing

I want to… oh you know… Be! Me! Love! Free!

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