Dead situation

Today I decided, or maybe last night rather, that there was something I simply didn’t want to pray about anymore.

I mean, the situation seems to be stuck and I’m tired of praying the loving, optimistic, and humble prayer in that area. Truly, it’s become something I’m tired of even feeling and thinking about as well. It feels like I’m being more stupid than exercising my faith and hope and prayers.

With a resigned heart and mind, my decision was to just stop and attempt from this point to just “numb up” and let it go for good. It seems as soon as let out a deep sigh and a tear, I immediately felt led to read a devotional I have been using. And the message was “Remain quiet during your storms.” So most of today, I’ve practiced silence and rest because my energy is a bit low and I was trying to keep my head and heart anywhere but on that area that I’ve prayed about for a longgggg time.

Not long ago, prior to writing this post, I felt urged to look in the devotional again. This time it stated “Keep praying no matter what.” I will continue to pray and remain silent about the situation. And I do pray for continued guidance. I believe in prayer. I believe in a Sun Stand Still response. I also felt discouraged and I still do a little bit but I’ll keep praying no matter what.

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