This world hurts my heart

We are a broken people.

We destroy our families and create a cycle because we lust and lie to self and others.

We lack self-discipline. We lack knowledge of self and it bleeds into everything we touch. And the ones of us trying to live in truth and hope and seek the best, we encounter the broken ones that threaten to break us. Our hope is smothered because the things we find priceless are treated as trash by others. And sometimes there’s nothing we can do about it but believe in a power greater than ourselves because the ones we share life with have no vision, no trust, no loyalty, no discipline, and no morals. And then we birth more kids into the matrix. Broken.

2 thoughts on “This world hurts my heart

  1. Virgobeauty, we have all been there!! But the beauty of this experience is that Psalm 34:18 days,”The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”
    He is ready to rescue.

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