It’s Smothering You

Life is filled with things that we have ZERO control over, no matter how much we desire the outcome, no matter how much we’ve poured ourselves and our time into it, no matter how much it would benefit all that are involved. The acceptance of this lesson and how you manage it will change you as a person.

There have been moments when a goal is so clear and uplifting, yet the part that makes it work at its best refuses to sync up or apply the effort, optimism, perspective, sacrifice, or compromise. It can make you feel as if you have asthma and need a big healthy breath of air, yet someone is holding your head underwater and there’s nothing you can do about it. Yet, they give you visions of breathing again but their intent isn’t to help you unless it’s according to what they want or desire.

As a result, you can only suck it up because you can’t control the other side. You can only control your response or investment into the situation. This can breed a pain like no other. This can produce surrender. This may also lead to releasing the vision never to look back at it again.

Writing this gives me pain because I’ve been in a place where the oxygen and life that you may receive from a situation is also the same source holding your head underwater, intentionally and unintentionally.

If you’ve felt and/or feel this way, do your best to breathe and think clearly on how you wish to proceed. Have the courage and wisdom to let go of what will smother you if you don’t change direction. Love yourself for having the strength and faith required to keep breathing life into yourself and what you choose to engage in next. As long as you have breath and time, you’re always able to rewrite your vision and implement action. It’s only a dead end if you allow it to be. It can only take life from you if you allow it. It can only steal your joy if you let it. Don’t misunderstand me, disappointment will occur. Sadness will occur. Healing and support may be necessary. But don’t stop believing in YOU. Take a moment right now to take a deep breath in. You’re already on the right path toward something that won’t use its strength to impair you, but instead it will fill your cup as well and cause you to level up.

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