GPSing You

There are days when all you desire is an answer to what you’ve poured your heart into. Day after day, you’ve worked hard on the person you’ve become and continue to grow into. You’ve forgiven and supported even when you didn’t deserve the places it took you through. Your optimism and your prayers were your only friends at times, and even those weren’t the easiest to keep speaking life into. You continued to fight the good fight. You continued to run the race when you were so very tired. You smiled when you wanted to cry. You encouraged and helped others when you barely had it for yourself. You pressed on. You’ve grown stronger. You’ve become more confident and clear on your values. You keep your head, heart and praises up when sometimes it would be easier just to give up. You are alive and you’re grateful. You pray for others more than you pray for you. You seek the spiritual presence to reveal what to do. And there are times when you still don’t know exactly what to do but you have the faith that you will be shown the path that God has for you.

4 thoughts on “GPSing You

  1. Oh how true this is! I love how you titled this “GPSing You”. That search for the truth, the answer to who we are, what our purpose is and where exactly we are meant to go in life. It’s a constant mystery, a constant struggle and only God can be our GPS, showing us the way and helping us understand our way around this map we call life. Really, really love the message in this! Beautifully said, Virgo!

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    1. And what an interesting map that we call life it is. Each day something new, internal and external. It gives true humility to know we have made it this far. My prayer is that God continues guide us as we continue to seek that guidance. Everyday is another mile on the marathon of life.

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      1. That is my prayer, too. Always hoping that I learn from every experience, grow a bit wiser and smarter along the way, while still retaining my humility.

        I wish all the best for you while you’re GPSing your way through life, my friend!

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      2. Absolutely, it’s best to learn from the moments instead of having to repeat the unnecessary ones. Thanks for the wishes. You already know that I deeply wish the same for you. Prayers up!

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