Rest was the plan hours ago but when the bug hits, I write.

It’s remarkable how you revisit times in which you engaged in friendship and a building of a relationship. You never know how much changes and stays the same over time until you can truly walk the timeline from past to present.

Imagine there’s someone you love deeply and you could travel the timeline of fresh interactions and learning about one another. If that person is in your life, go ahead and tell them that you love them. If they’re no longer in your life, send up positive prayers for them, even if it was an unexpected or rocky ending.

Back to what I was saying, do you remember when you saw and acknowledged so much beauty, joy, laughter, and so much more and it became addictive to you? Remember when you made the time to engage with that person just to be that person’s focus at that time, even if it was only to say, “Hey.” Come on, you know when all you thought about was that special someone so you reached out. And it was only them that did that for you, not a million others in private messages.. *watch your toes* I don’t know about you but that’s the energy, hopefully honesty, magnetism that I wish we could continue to pour into even as the years pass and we’re blessed with more time.

But, what happened or happens?? I’ve noticed so few keep up the passion of the friendship or relationship. They allow it to fizzle or they take advantage of it. Why is that? Why is growth so hard or is it that we change, get comfortable, and distracted?

I wish I knew the key so I could supply it to all those that have been broken. I would unlock the light and joy to remind them where it started and hopefully encourage them to restore and refill those places. Yes, I know some things never should’ve started from the beginning. But the ones that did and are now a swirl of confusion, I wish I could fix it for you, and for myself… just being real as usual.

You know, I’ve been praying for provision and clarity. I’ve been praying for revelation and relationship. And one thing I’ve prayed for daily is love, healing, wholeness, and not to miss the provision.

I actually write this with someone in mind who’s been Sunshine to me for yearsssss. It was like a bond that took place via words, long before we spent time face to face. It’s like the missing puzzle piece was placed right where it needed to be.

And although, we were both growing at the time, we made time. We shared how much we valued, cared, and saw the gifts in each other. We prayed for each other and saw the best in each other. We craved each other and felt safe in each other’s space. And when we finally were face to face, it was hard to separate us. The thought makes me smile.

But it also triggers, what happened to us? I can answer from my perspective only. And even as we are close friends now with love that can be felt for miles, we are still friends and I pray that revelation of next steps occurs for us both, whatever that may be.

It’s wild because after praying one day, I heard the message God has placed the provision nearby. It’s common. It’s normal. And I pray I don’t possess a perspective that causes me to miss it. I also pray that the provision is more than I ever could’ve imagined. My prayers are always centered around love and its many forms. It’s the basis of it all upon this life journey.

You know, there are some things we will never get back. There are also things we have neglected. There are things we need to invest into. There are things we need to archive as a memory and let it be.

So, reflect on what was, what is, and where you hope to be. I pray it’s a loving, healing, peaceful, supportive, spiritual, empowering, and powerful place that’s honest and authentic. Allow your memories to provide you with wisdom and not fear. I’m praying for you and myself. May we see, give thanks, and acquire the provisions. Keep making memories day after day. Don’t allow the time to wither and waste away.

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