6:44 am… Gracias

Thank you for being my strength

You’re The Giant that slays all of my giants

My heart can’t contain the gratitude and love

In you, I find solace and relationship

Thank you for your angels that continue to watch over me, family, friends and others

In you I place my healing, my life, my joy, my wholeness, and my direction

And as I embark on another day, I thank you for how you will make your presence known in my life and others.

I seek you and ask that your light within me speaks to others and reveals your love.

You already know the desires of my heart that reach beyond myself as well.

May suddenly and now reveal your plan and provisions.

Remove any confusion.

I express my gratitude and give you glory.

8 thoughts on “6:44 am… Gracias

  1. “You’re The Giant that slays all of my giants”

    That line, right there, is the TRUTH! He makes our seemingly big problems look so small when we let Him fight for us. Loved this post, Virgo! Hope you’re doing awesome, my friend!

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      1. So, so true!

        That’s so good to hear!! Glad that you’re doing awesome! I’m doing just amazing over here. Been working on music and writing for the blog when I get a chance. I figured I would post and pop my head in today to see what’s happening in WordPress world. Lol.

        Stay amazing, my friend!

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      2. Oh yeahhhh. You know I love the posts and your energy. I’m going to have to set a timer not to get lost on there later lol. Love that the energy is working in your favor. That boost is priceless and can transform each day. I’m trying to get to that level. I’m good but it’s fluctuating so writing to refocus helps a lot.

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      3. You are AWESOME!! Thank you!! I’ve been feeling really good lately and sometimes unplugging from social media is just the thing needed to get balanced and refocused! I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and you are so right! Writing helps so much to get ourselves focused and I think you are amazing at it! You keep up that amazing work!

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      4. *blush* thank you so very much! Truly grateful for that. You’re a beast at writing as well. May we continue to inspire one another. Also, unplugging is definitely a breath of fresh air, as well as Do Not Disturb on the mobile devices lol 😃

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      5. LOL! Yes that do not disturb feature is the BOMB! haha!

        Thank you so much for your kind words, Virgo! May we continue to have an inspiring and creative year! Have an awesome night, my friend! 😁

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