Pain in the past and can’t say it once more

Prayed and sought the key to the door

The same old story again retold

Over and over, this saga is old

Sending up psalms and laments that ring true

Pouring it out and down to the core for you

Open and communicating what’s planted in me

Praying that one day your eyes will see

Weary and loyal but I step back from you

Resigned to doing nothing is all that I can do

Although disappointed my heart still loves strong

Placing it all at the throne and then trotting along

I smile because I know exactly what to do

My faith will carry me and we both know it’s true

But wait. they ask are you going to be okay

Indeed I will, God leads the way

My needs he supplies because he loves me so

He’s the one that’ll never let go

Cradled in His care, I find rest so true

Only He can guide us into what He prepared for me and you

It’s up to us whether we walk away

Never forced, always a choice to stay

Only time will tell what we decided to do

Maybe it’ll be reflected in stepping in and saying I Love You

2 thoughts on “Trusting

  1. What a great poem! I love your line about placing it all at the throne, and trotting along. Not ahead of Him, not behind Him, but right in sync!

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