Nandhukumar via Pixabay

Is there a such thing as balance? Or is it just coping with style?

Each day it may look different. My goal is to keep it balanced emotionally and mentally, usually those are the areas that are  easily triggered. I’ve gotten a better grasp on how much I apply to each area. The heart can’t fully drive this body, nor can the mind. Balance is essential.

For once, it took a long time; I feel like I’ve achieved a great deal of balance. Of course, there have been moments where days have taken me through the ringer. But when I’m reminded of the pain of the inappropriate or incorrect ways to act and think, when balance has flipped over the scale, I quickly give thanks for awareness. I quickly make the decision not to repeat the same behavior that proves unfruitful. Even when hurt and pushed to the edge, I still manage to keep it in check, say a quick prayer (a habit that’s proven priceless), and proceed with a plan or to completely let go.

Don’t ever take balance for granted. It’s the art of maneuvering this life with style, wisdom, love, and compassion, even when that’s the last thing you want to do. It truly changes your heart and mind which actually aids in achieving more balance and peace.

May you seek and implement the processes you need to maintain your sense of balance. A titled scale can cause you to lose it all. And that as a reward isn’t worth it. Invest in keeping things in perspective, prioritize, and act accordingly.

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