Spirit Lead Me

The same recurrent thought keeps venturing into my heart and mind. Not sure if patience is the answer or if this is a nudge to step out on faith.

The tiredness of trying to juggle the different areas has crept in and set in. It’s morphing into frustration, more lack of sleep, and low tolerance.

I’ve learned that I can manage me in so many ways but when others mismanage what could affect me, it changes everything for me. No longer do I want to be on that ride of ups and downs. No more do I want to be empathetic and showing up when others don’t see the errors of their ways.

Life has taught me that I can always remove myself from a situation. I’m just trying to be more strategic with that. But inside, time is winding up. Externally, time is winding up. And my hand is on the lever that stops the bus and I get off.

I’d rather flow through this road of life, as my cousin says, LIVE AT YOUR OWN PACE.  Yes, it’s old and not an area I wish to complain about but instead, change and indulge in the areas that are passionate and more lucrative for me.

Dear Self, remember the goals this year: Flexibility. Freedom. Family.

It’s never been easy but my skillset is massive. My health is a priority. My sanity and peace are priceless.

There’s more to life than clocking in and showing up and riding the bus I want to get off of.  There’s more to life than keeping people in our lives that can’t pour back into our cups.  There’s more to life than to stress and be anxious because you’re trying to merge into the structure of the world when paths can be created. There’s more than one way to reach a goal.

The time has come to keep walking in the faith and confidence that it’s going to be okay.

The time has come to invest in what I need to do for a prosperous, loving and peaceful year.

The time has come to invest more fruitfully in my time, instead of trading it for what doesn’t build but instead deplete.

Time can’t be replaced. It’s valuable and I respect and am grateful for it.

Time to release and take the necessary steps.

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