Curiosity seeps from my pores at the wonder of what’s in store

There’s nothing that can foretell the feeling that overflows my inner well

This state of hope and expectation

Moving closer and closer with elation

Learning to navigate the places that I find myself

Deep work, mining for spiritual wealth

There’s nothing I can say for how these released prayers feel

Awaiting and expecting the presence of the Holy Spirit whom I know is real

There are times when my pain runs oh so deep

Tears twinkle in my eyes and start to seep

Yet moment after moment I seek what’s true

Each time I find my way back to you

You know, it’s habit to pray for that special someone

I’d love to hold his hand and heart as we bask in the Savior’s Sun

It’s still unknown where this road will lead

Lord, guide me, here’s control, I do secede

Lead us both without fear and uncertainty fogging the way

With love and trust may your blessings lay

Please guard and nurture my heart as it’s raised to you

Be my guide. I abide in you

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