Maybe this is TMI but it felt like my body was purging all the bad things out. It was an early am reminder that things need to be released in order to feel better and more balanced.

These days have felt like a continued reminder of purging while being reminded to pray boldly and for the impossible. These messages have surfaced over and over and over throughout the day. I’m grateful for the messages because they’re always at the time when my mind or heart are digging deep. Without having to open my mouth or seek, it has presented each time. Grateful for it.

My desire is that the purging of what isn’t in line to continue to be removed for balance, restoration, peace, love and so much more to take a firm hold in my foundation. Boldly I pray for others and myself, especially those entangled in my soul web.

I don’t know what’s to come and what’s in store but my prayer is that God continues to direct my path, continues to answer and love me, continues to perform the impossible thus making it possible, and filling my cup.

Trusting the process

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