God is working even when I may not see it all unfolding in my life and others.

With each beat of my heart, I know there is so much more to do.

Confident in who I’m becoming and wisdom from what has been overcome, I lift my heart and hands with prayers and praises.

So many enriching conversations with myself and the Most High that gives me hope and something I can’t quite formulate into words.

These prayers radiate like rays from the sun throughout my day.

Truly, I don’t know any other way but to keep talking to the one who has given me life.

Internally and audibly, there’s nothing can come between our relationship.

My goal is to make sure God is always in my life.

May my friends be blessed and God’s presence be undeniable in their lives.

I’m grateful for it all.

Grateful for the moments and the memories.

Grateful for that special someone that is growing and healing.

Grateful for the ability to see and reach for more, even if it seems impossible.

So, as I lay here and pray what’s on my heart and mind until I doze off…

I’ll just end this with goodnight.

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