Prayer 3.0

Another urge to write but didn’t have a focus or a theme. So, I’ll just lead from the heart and write out a short prayer. ๐Ÿ’•

Lord, enable me to see beyond my barriers, my pain, my enemies and my obstacles to the reward/task at hand. Please remove my worry and spinning that has shown not to lead to progress. May my doubts be silenced and replaced with confidence and an overflowing presence from you. May I start with you and end with you in all that I do. I ask that your angels of protection continue to be present around my family, friends and more. May I trust in you to provide and remove the things that I need and could do without. My belief is that prayer changes things. Prayer can make what I perceive impossible possible. Prayer is my relationship and conversation with you. I’m grateful and ask that you continue to reveal your kingdom, your presence, your path, and your love for me. My prayers and gratitude rise.


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