Weigh in

So my friends, my question to you is:

How do you manage loving someone whom you know isn’t ready for loving but instead working toward healing himself or herself? How do you manage you especially when the connection can’t be denied by you both? When you’ve known someone for years yet their past pain is a barrier for you both. You don’t want to impede their goals but instead be present on the journey of goal achievement as more than a friend because it feels spiritual between you two. Hmm…

Let me know how you manage your heart and your mind, and if it is easy or difficult for you. I’m curious to know. Maybe asking for a friend or for myself… ha!

9 thoughts on “Weigh in

  1. Continue to love them, but you my have to do it from afar. Until that person heals from past hurts, they will never be able to love you wholeheartedly as they should and as you deserve to be!

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  2. …what Veranda said!!! …also, keep your intuition sharp…a lot of that “working on me cuz I’ve been hurt” talk is the most classic player m.o.’s!!! I used it for years after loosing my brother (well, it was definitely true at first but I did milk it for a while). Use your womanly intuition to “judge” their pain! Be careful not to call them out on it though…just use the info to govern yourself accordingly!!! 😉

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    1. Twin, man have I missed you. Hope you have been glorious. Man, oh, man you’re right. Appreciate your honesty as well. I’ll make sure to apply what you’ve said. Think I need to keep myself to myself for a while as well. My goal this year is not to be in any “gray” areas in life that keep me questioning or up/down. Less pain this year and more smiles and personal achievements…


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