Heaven’s Heart

Choice, no, that was the last thing I wanted to do

Internal peace, yes, that’s what lead me to where we are

Needed to find a light out of the fog that keeps me experiencing ups and downs

Beautiful portions of my God gifted recipe

Shared with you, even when it hurt and required healing

Yet, what’s present can be felt with ferocity everytime we make contact

Heightened through thoughts of you and me

Yet, fear has weaved a chasm too deep to get out of

Saving myself from your not being ready

Yet, we both know that all it takes is acceptance and a step

We’ve both questioned why even knowing a Divine presence is at work from the start

It’s the lack of care by others for our hearts that keep us apart

Wasn’t seeking but found this years ago

And the yearning from me keeps growing more and more

Now, I have to separate the prayer from the pain

Because you’re not ready to open your heart again

Often I wonder if I could have known before

Would I still travel through this open door

The door that opened up our worlds to each other

Now it’s hard to even imagine you with any other

Except for me

The one that deserves, as well as you

To be able to hold on and be cared for, a love that God breathes into

But somehow the humor of this life makes a wonderful moment unreachable

So this time I take to focus only on the above

And pray to God to keep me wrapped in divine love

Because no matter what I do

Divine love can never be taken from me or you

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