I Accept That…

There are times when situations that are completely unrelated that birth a moment of reflection.. and I mean, Deep Reflection.

The last week has been filled with unexpected loss, bewildering moments, lack of sleep, and just question marks over my head inducing pauses. However, it’s also been filled with laughs, progress, prayer and productivity. There’s so much I’m grateful for…

But the lightbulb moment was an inhale and a statement of: I accept that…

And that acceptance guides future actions and promotes the calm within. It may not have been the result that I was optimistic for but “I accept that…”

That’s all we need to do many, many Time is to accept certain people, situations, self, and etc, without trying to influence change on it, but rather flow with it and proceed by Acceptance as a conclusion.

Leave the guilty behind.

Leave the rollercoaster of trying to figure it out behind.

Leave the “well maybe” or “let me be patient” behind.

Leave the excuses we present for ourselves and others behind.

And although this may sound like a contradiction, accepting it is also an action that can guide you to take the steps toward a future filled with wholeness, love, your idea of success, and so much more that allows you to appreciate each day and moment that you’re alive and the others that choose to be on the journey of life with you.

P.S. *come close, lean in*

It even helps you Accept the movements of the reader who thinks they’re undiscovered. 😉 Nope, awareness has been present all along. And I accept that this may be the sustenance that leads you to more fulfillment and a changed heart. I write to help, to encourage, to vent, not to be passive aggressive and a channel of gossip. And everyday I’m pleased with who I am and my values. Daily I pray for you and I hope you’ll apply and grow in a positive and healthy way. *care bear hug*

*Gratifying exhale*

I accept where this journey is heading and I’m faithfully and lovingly proceeding 💕🥰

9 thoughts on “I Accept That…

    1. You’re the best. Thanks for such a wonderful response. I honestly thought it would because I think Acceptance determined a lot in this life on how we maneuver daily. Maybe it’ll reach someone. Thanks for reading it and the uplifting response. I’m Grateful

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