Flue’s are people too, not really

Allow me to be a flue for a moment… a small rant and then back to my positive zone of awesomeness.

So, why is adulting so hard for some of us, especially the ones we work with or have to be connected to for long periods of time?  I mean, we are all learning, applying and seeking the best, right?

Wrong! ***   bzzzzzz   ***  Wrong!!

buzzer gif

Some of us just don’t seem to be progressing well in the areas of  “less BS” and the consideration that maybe, just maybe, “there are others on this planet besides just me.” Perplexed am I (in my Yoda voice). Maybe this a universe plot twist… not sure but please point me to the route or general vicinity where there are more people whom are
conscious, forgiving, understanding, compassionate, not nosey, grateful, productive, kind, joyful, gentle, and so much more.

*imagine a butterfly flew by*

No, I’m not seeing the world through a broken telescope or dirty front window. It’s just possible, yet the mediocre and less than the best seems to be more attractive and practiced. And it’s old.

For example, you have people too nosey to call off work if they have the flu because they’re afraid of missing something. Seriously, forget the rest of our health huh. Since we have health insurance, it’s a good time to test it huh. JUST TAKE THE DAY, ANNA MAE, TAKE THE DAY!!!!

eat cake anna mae

Okay, so let me find some coffee and get back to what my plans are for today: Survive this work day, code, and put some inspiration into my life throughout the day. I mean, it’s a lifestyle. However, I have the feeling that some things are

Hot java and tea and all things filled with glee. Have a great day!!


coffee makes me happy

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