Sunrise…well, not quite

Sunrise… well, maybe in a few hours

Another morning dose of Way Too Early with a side of Sleep, Stop Playing.

Waking up on the wrong side: Not so much.

Neither side wants to be used because I don’t want to get up but I can’t seem to sleep.

Google says to walk around, read a book and change the scene then go back and try it again.

Dear Google, you can’t be trusted anymore. You’ve led me astray and I’m still awake as the slow 45 lb weight of Struggle Mode for the day creeps and plants its hooks in me.

So, um, yeah.. too tired to finish this post

18 thoughts on “Sunrise…well, not quite

  1. I am exceptionally lucky, as long as I am reasonably tired when I go to bed I could sleep on a clothes line if I had to. In Victorian times if you were poor you could sleep on a mattress for 4d or on a line for 2d, hence the expression “he could sleep on a clothes line.”

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  2. LOL! When Google can’t be trusted to help with sleep, we have a problem!
    So sorry you had insomnia, my friend. Judging by the fatigue at the end of this post, you were able to doze off! So we can say that WP came through for you, when Google didn’t! haha!

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    1. Hahaha right, dang Google. Actually, I got up and prepared for work. I didn’t get to lay down until approx 14 hours later and still had issues falling asleep. I was tapped out and still feel it some. But some sleep was better than none.

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      1. hahaha! Omg.. you poor thing! Yeah, some nights the sleep just won’t come. No matter what home remedies we try or distractions we use to lure the sleep out! Lol. But you’re definitely right… Some sleep is better than none! Lol.

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      2. Amen, I was told to try Valerian root. I promise all it makes me think about is Game of Thrones 🤣🤣. I may give it a try though. But I don’t see any sleep until about Monday, if I’m lucky.

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      3. 😂😂 Yes, it does sound like something Old Age, doesn’t it? LOL! I actually have an herbal tea with Valerian root in it and it does relax you. Sometimes something hot to drink before bed does the trick. Like warm milk and honey. Hope you get your sleep soon!

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      4. Yes it was! I’m not sure if you live in the U.S., but I went to this store called the Vitamin Shoppe and they sale a nice selection of herbal teas, but the one I purchased is by a brand called “Triple Leaf Tea” and that brand has a special tea for sleep called Relaxing Tea. It has Valerian Root, Passionflower, Skullcap, Chamomile and Catnip in it – all natural herbs that aid in sleep. Plus, no caffeine in it! So you won’t be wired in the night. It’s definitely relaxing and you won’t feel weird or anything after drinking it. Lol.

        I love hot tea too!!

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      5. Outstanding!! You’ve been a great help. I am in the US and know exactly what store you’re referring to. I’ll make sure to purchase some to try. Thanks so much. I appreciate it more than you know. Your kindness is appreciated. And you have a blessed night as well. Nice chatting with you too. Keep that pen blazing

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      6. You are more than welcome! A fellow insomniac knows the struggle for sleep is REAL! LOL!
        Thank you for your wonderful encouragement and please know that I truly enjoy your posts! Please keep up the amazing work! You have a blessed night!

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      7. Testify lol. Insomniacs United lol. I’ll do my best and your posts are amazing as well. I was trying not to be weird and read them all in a few hours. They’re like movies and yank you in.. you can smell what’s cooking.. or feel the emotions theatre being evoked.. you’re gifted. Happy writing to us both. Blessed night to you too.

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      8. LOL!! Your comment, as well as our conversation, has truly made my night! I find it humbling that you enjoy reading what I share. I try my best to make things interesting for you guys and to tell stories about life in a fun way. So to read that you are truly drawn into my work is a gift for my soul! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your supportive and kind words. I really do appreciate them! Blessed night to you too, my friend! Happy ZZZZZ’ing! Lol.

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      9. You’re very welcome, my friend! Hopefully that tea I recommended may help, if you decide to try it out! It was a pleasure chatting with you! Have a beautiful night!

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