SEP: Someone Else’s Problem

What the what?! Oh, not me.. it’s SEP.

All too often this is the stance taken in so many areas of life. Take a moment to flip channels or sit in the mall or park and just view it…

Government shutdown… SEP.

The husband you’ve made your boyfriend… SEP.

The workload you’re responsible for… oh, that’s just SEP, not mine.

The child being bullied at school… SEP.

The dented car you bumped with your door… SEP… speeds off.

Mind your business because it’s SEP, except when it’s not.

We’re now seeing how we are a rollercoaster of mixed emotions and decisions. We choose to make things OOP (Our Own Problem) when it benefits us or our plight. Otherwise, it’s SEP.

Is there a balance between SEP & OOP? Hmm, maybe it’s SEP to figure that out and let us know.

Wondering about the inspiration for this post: Check out the Just Jot January challenge. Here are the rules: Click me. And here’s the post explaining today’s prompt: Press Me. Challenge yourself and join in.

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