Enigmatic… Best Is Yet To Come

Image Credit: Bleak by Leslie Ann O’Dell


“The best is yet to come” was all that he said.

Now, currently sitting upon three days of silence and counting…not a word has been said

Wind taps the glass reminiscent of the cold shifting inside as it is out

“The best is yet to come”… for him or for me

Anxious and expectant to see

Slow sips of tea in the space only we share

An enigmatic message absent of transparency

Faint sounds of a car coming up the drive

The hope inside instantly arrives

My heart sinks as a peak out stills my soul

Two servicemen slowly approach my door

A slow turn of the knob, I step out and…



This is my contribution to Just Jot January. As I stated in an earlier post, you should join the challenge. There’s so much to gain and I’ve come across some wonderful writing and people. Tap into it. Even if you don’t post it, give it a try at home, at work, and school, if that applies. Here’s a link to the original post so you see how it works. Click ME 🙂

Happy Writing!!!

7 thoughts on “Enigmatic… Best Is Yet To Come

    1. Tehehee. I literally smiled and laughed out loud at your response. I needed that lol. Thanks for the opportunity. This is awesome to participate in and see how clever the many bloggers are. Each day has been a delight. Bear hug and wine glass clinks to you


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