The How & The Why

how and why



Greetings again, all.

In keeping with the Just Jot It January challenge… You should join in. It’s fun, focused, and helps you express yourself. Add something different to your January. While others are burning up the gym, lol, you can say you joined Just Jot It January. Encourage others to jump in as well and find their voice… Even if it’s just to vent, give it a whirl.

Well, the prompt for this Jot are three questions:

  • Why did you start blogging?
  • How did you come up with your theme?
  • How has it changed your life?


My answers will be straight to the point.

WHY?  Because I love expression via writing and technology, this seemed to be the perfect combo and it’s able to be done anywhere.  Plus, I like having a space that not everyone knows about where I can write and it’s on my own terms. And most importantly, I really wanted to. No sass included.


HOW.1? Random would be my theme because my inner G is a free spirit… you know, one of those types that is a bit rebellious naturally but loving… believes in freedom and expression combined with justice and all things non-traditional. On a brighter note, I’m going to narrow it down to be a bit more free spirit professional, if there is a thing. Since I already have this platform, I want to throw some skills/services in the mix in case you need assistance with something


HOW.2?  ABSOLUTELY.  It has allowed me to release, vent, and to think out loud without literally saying it out loud.  And it provides me a connection with others that are brilliant, yes, you. Collectively, we are a creative team. Individually, we allow our gifts and soul to breathe.  Salute!!!


That’s all I want to say for now. How about you join in and then leave me a link in the comments to your post?! It would be a nice push in the day.

Enjoy your day.

9 thoughts on “The How & The Why

  1. Free spirit professional. Haha, I love it. My fourth year doing Just Jot It January, but I love your word on offer. I’m glad I came across you in this blogging universe. Isn’t it great?

    Liked by 1 person

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