What a day… What a day

Image by Pexels

With all the 2019 hype aside, today was really a magnificent day.

Why? Because I rested and it was quiet. A nap even made the agenda. Hey, don’t laugh at me because soon you’ll come value what a nap can do for you. Work that into your 2019 if you want to live a little, literally. Ha! But, I’m serious. It was also great because once rested the productivity research bug hit me and I invested 5 hours into myself… into really working on the places I want to grow in this year. Spiritual Growth. Financial Freedom. Freelance. And it felt Grrreatttttt, Tony the Tiger tried to tell you.

Moving right along, peace is present. Contentment is camped out here as well. It truly feels amazing to have a day that feels satisfying and without the forced interactions and obligations that can usually feel like you’re wrestling with yourself and the world day after day. Kudos up. Kudos up.

And the night is still early so you know what that means: Work clothes prepared, Shower, Reading and Sleep. Hey hey, don’t be jealous. It’s not a good look for you. Tehehe. It goes to show that progressing and peace and prayer can all be achieved in the non-traditional, forced 6am to 6pm schedule and the 8-5 workdays. You can dictate your day and still make your plans and rest happen. Take that!!!

Anyway, let me end this post with a thanks for good health, safe and sane kids, family and friends that survived, and the desire to continue pushing more and more each day. I express gratitude for truly being okay with what’s present and what’s in store. May these moments be appreciated daily as my faith grows and I step into what awaits each day. I’m grateful for the love, respect, and worth I possess for myself and others and the lifestyle that it has become.

Truly, my prayer is that today and many more are a blessing and you honor the person you are and have been created to be. Don’t give up your power and voice for a moment of pleasure, instant gratification, and anything else not in sync with your growth and honoring of the temple that is You.

Blessings to you all.

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