2019… Welcome, Welcome

If you’re reading this, God has blessed me with another year of life. Praises up. Praises up.  And guess what?  You have been blessed with that beautiful concept of TIME as well. Let’s make the best of it this year.



Well, it’s customary for everyone to reflect on what occurred in 2018.  My reflection is that I lived it, learned from it, and am more prepared for 2019.  It was a heck of a rollercoaster emotionally, physically, and mentally.  And the years before, they were a rollercoaster as well.  Truly, 2019 has to be more uphill and filled with more success and goals achieved. However, 2018 I discovered what I view as wholeness and contentment aka peace while striving for more. For that, my praises will never be enough to express how truly grateful I am.



2019! Yes, 2019. Even before this moment arrived, my momentum and optimism was and is through the roof. There’s more clarity. There’s more flexibility in the areas where needed, as well as freedom in walking in who I am as a person. Again, praises up.

This year so so much is in store.  I would update on it all but I tend to move in silence and then present what I’ve been doing later. So, you’ll have to utilize patience and expectation.

I forgot the word that I picked for 2019… so, it probably wasn’t a good pick. So, I’ll just use the theme:  Do the best you can with what you have and keep pushing forward.

That’s all I feel like sharing at the moment because I’m actually relaxing for once. Recliner. Comforter. Tea. Movie. Chill Mode. Solitude is my friend.


Next Steps:

I encourage you to say a prayer. My prayers are for protection, for direction, for the Spirit to continue to work through me, and to continue to be loving and resilient. I pray that I’m blessed to be a blessing. My prayer is more powerful than what these words can convey. Yes, I’ve said that before but it’s my truth.  May these prayers continue to flow all through my day.

Wishing you a wonderful 2019. May the unproductive be left in 2018. May the drama be left in 2018. May the things that don’t contribute to HIS plan for you to be left in 2018. TIme is here. Let’s make better decisions and cultivate our greatness even more.


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