Midnight Moment

You know, a situation had me reflecting on just how grateful I am that I don’t respond the same way to what was misunderstood, miscommunicated, misaligned, misdirected, or a miss.

You see, your response is the one thing about situations that you can control as much as possible. And that response will reflect so much regarding your faith, trust, and growth.

And one thing that can unravel your present and future is a response that’s completely over the top, unthought out, and heartless. It can burn bridges that can never be rebuilt, and open doors within yourself that may take a power greater than yours to close.

So, I can’t help but to express gratitude for learning the power of how to respond. A lack of response is also a response. My horrible responses led me to years of building and healing. Yes, the work had to be done and it’s also a lifelong process.

Gratitude pours from me for the ability to keep perspective through pain while speaking life back into myself and others.

And I tell you… I will not keep repeating the same lessons by not taking a moment to be patient, to be prayerful and to take heed when I see the flags. This approach comes with a lot of honesty for myself and knowing what my values are. My lifestyle has God as my foundation so that has to be reflected in how I proceed. No, there’s no perfection expected. I walk in faith knowing I’m learning, I’m willing, and I’m exactly where I need to be as I continue to move forward in His plan. I’m grateful.

It’s the response that gives me joy and hope.

It’s the response that allows me to be more confident and more loving of myself and others.

It’s the response that offers forgiveness.

It’s the response that saves years of my life (if I’m blessed) that could have been wasted on the things, people, and moments that I was conscious of but didn’t take the time to address.

Be mindful of your response. Sometimes you decide to give up your peace and your progress.

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