Attempts to Welcome Wednesday in





Sleep:  Next to None

Wellness:  Still not close to 100%, maybe around 65% in the generosity of spirit

Mood: Rather be in the bed but preparing to leave for work

Prayer:  Lord, Thank you for continuing to hear my prayers in the areas that I am reaching out and up to you, requesting your presence in the valleys, the stillness, the joys, the many moments, and the areas of life where things are needing your fullness, comfort, and love. I give thanks in advance. I rejoice and praise you. I pray and work toward contentment no matter what the circumstances look like. This faith and trust is a process that I daily pour myself into. Thank you and I am expectant and grateful for the answers that you will provide as your word says: You are my help in my time of need and I make my requests none. ~Amen~

Focus: His Will. His Way. His Time.


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