Patience ~ 18 Dec ‘18

Hey fellow readers *waves*

How about another steroid induced post? Yeah, I thought so tooo. Buckle in.

Well, the rant today will be about… patience. How many of us really get frustrated with that word? *raises hand*

Sometimes it drives me up the wall, but it’s usually case dependent. Most of the time I’m laid back until people don’t respond like they usually would and my spider senses kick in.

Anyway, Patience is the hardest when you are so ready for a change and it’s moving at a snails pace. I mean, you’re digging deep, enduring spaces that aren’t the most optimal, and humility is a constant position that you assume.

Patience… when you’re working two jobs and an emergency arises and starts you back at square one…

Patience… when you’re working 12 hour shifts and going to school full time for your Bachelor degree and still don’t seem to be making progress…

Patience… that allows you to say no to your kids for right now because it’ll have you in a better position later…

Patience… that forces you into stillness, reflection, and prayer..

Patience. Yes, oh Patience. It’s taught you to have resilience and has increased your strength. It’s taught you that sometimes waiting but still functioning was the best decision. We all are learning how to deal with it more and more. No, we haven’t mastered it. But if we are conscious to when we need to walk in it, we are making progress. Ohhh and to use that patience on a positive pursuit, not to sit in the shadows and take pictures of your neighbors.

Hey, hang in there and keep working toward and pushing hard for what you want. Yes, I say that a lot but I mean it from my heart.. and my heart is next level. A true gift from God. Exhibiting patience isn’t the easiest but it’s truly filled with gems once you know how to operate within it.

Have a wonderful week.

Oh, and take something today to boost your immune system.

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