Business: Time & Sacrifices

Truthfully, the motivation behind this post is the steroid restlessness that’s curing this bout of Strep. Yep, Strep! Never would’ve thought the horrible feeling was Strep. I was taking multiple concoctions trying to beat the cold but don’t think that was going to whip this one…

dying sick


So, I finally went to the doctor yesterday because improvement wasn’t happening. Yes, it took five days for me to suck it up and go to the doctor. Why you may ask? Because I believe the majority of things we run to the ER for can be combatted by letting it run its course and allowing your body to do what it does. Plus, I’m not much of a medicine taker either. So, to say I’m not feeling the greatest is an understatement but I’m on the road to better.  And these steroids that have me restless in the midst of this bad feeling will possibly generate another post… don’t know at this point.


Moving right along, I was sitting here thinking about Time and Sacrifices.

Time. It’s what we can’t get back once it’s lost. It’s not promised to any of us. It’s what we often take for granted, repeatedly. It’s time to sacrifice the stupid decisions and actions that cause us to consistently and knowingly waste the time of others, as well as our own. And I don’t know about you but I’m completely over mine being wasted, and my goal isn’t to intentionally waste others. If you’re tired as well, I encourage you to truly analyze your daily. Yes, this includes your friends, work, and everything you engage in, even from the time your alarm goes off signaling the start of your day to day flow.


This time of year signals the time when people start to make a lot of 2019 goals.

However, before 2018 ends, you should lay it out. I mean really lay it out. Yes, put it on paper and write it all out. Retrack what this year taught you, what you experienced, what opportunities presented, what you’re grateful for, what’s important to you, what you need to release and so much more.

Time: It’s now. Sacrifice: Whatever you need to in order to keep it positive and make it happen.

Less stress. Fewer restraints. More life. More joy. More love. No selfishness. More growth and contentment. More peace and fulfillment. More value in the time you have and making the best use of it.  Let’s get to it.

With that being said, you’ll notice many more changes.  Let me remind you that you know the changes you need the make and the areas in which they need to occur. It won’t all be easy or handled in a day but no more procrastination.

I express gratitude for the wisdom and growth that I’ve experienced this year.  I’m grateful for the resilience, strength, clarity, and design that makes me ME.

And I promise I will do the best with the time that I am blessed with. Time is truly a gift.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I pray it empowers you to take analysis and action.

Blessings to you. Now, let’s get busy!

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