Get back here. Your writing doesn’t depend on their validation

As I sit back and glance at different pages of spaces of expressions, it dawns on me that many are truly longggg pieces. Compared to theirs, my writing appears to be in training for only a minute portion of what others have penned.

I started to wonder how many others look at the works, the creativity, and the expressions of others and compare it to theirs.. and the result isn’t the most life-giving. May be more of you out there than I realize…

Of course, it’s hard not to get caught up in feeling like the amateur.

Of course, it’s easy to pluck and number the many reasons why it’s less then the best from the rest.

Of course, your pen finds its way into the dusty corner of your desk in the hopes that one day it’ll share its love with a page, an envelope, a signed form, or anything.. just anything.

Well, guess what?! We all have those moments. We all do, even if many don’t care to admit it. You don’t need their validation or co-signing anyway. But what you do need is to speak life into that mode of expression that you love so much.

Keep on writing. Keep on creating. Keep on reading the work of others and expanding your mind and skill with each indulgence and stroke. Don’t write yourself off as not having what it takes.

We aren’t born with a golden pen but we are born with what we allow to flow from it. And what we allow to flow gets better and better each time we allow it to breathe and express itself with this world and its people. And even if you don’t share the beauty of your work, DO IT FOR YOU. And that’s all there is to it.

6 thoughts on “Get back here. Your writing doesn’t depend on their validation

    1. Same here, and sometimes we are our own biggest critics.. but guess what?! We are gifted and it’s a blessing to share it with the world, no matter who may disagree. We speak to those who are ready to receive and wish the others goodness while we continue to progress. Write on. Thanks for reblogging this as well. You’re appreciated


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