Grace and Gratitude

*stretch and yawn* 🙌🏾

It’s another day of life and I’m grateful.

Prayer and time in the Word, this makes a great start to my 4 am day.

There’s a calm that sits in the air that I’m so grateful for.

This shift and this healing is a very welcomed and nourishing place.

My heart is tuned and my feet are ready.

This path before me is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

The lessons are many and the wisdom is profound.

The love within is a heartbeat that strengthens with each passing day.

A 4:44 reminder that things are right in line, a spiritual encouragement.

It’s going to be a wonderful day.

Let’s give thanks for what is and what’s to come.

Gratitude rising.

3 thoughts on “Grace and Gratitude

    1. I really appreciate it. Discipline for sure. It was difficult at first but now it’s a habit even when I don’t want to get up early. And that peace is much needed and a game changer. My goal is to get that routine set for night as well. Presently I play a podcast to dose off… but it’s motivational.


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