Where You Are

1:35 am. I’m grateful for the quiet that’s settled in the house. Kids are snoring. Appliances buzzing. And although I could be asleep right now, my mind wonders is there something I’m expected to receive at this hour. My mind, heart and spirit are receptive. Show me the way.

Yesterday sits on my mind. I smile. 12 hours of work and the songs that were on repeat give me joy. Lyrical and spiritual CPR.

In the crushing, in the pressing

You are making new wine

In the soil, I now surrender

You are breaking new ground”

Hillsong’s New Wine really casts all my worries and uncertainty aside. It’s a surrender of life to being made new, to expecting freedom and power, and to smile in the delight that you’re taken care of. “I came here with nothing but all you have given me.” Can you feel it? Are you relieved and expectant? Is gratitude and love flowing through and through?

Welcome to Thunderdome. Ha, seriously, this is where I want to be.. in a place where the worrying isn’t leading.. a place where the heartbreak isn’t stretching for the next round… a place where trust and faith sit mightily at the forefront of the journey. This is where the moment lies. I express gratitude and love.

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