Morning Routines

I don’t know about you but I think the way you start your morning can pave the way for the rest of the day.

It’s 04:50 and I’ve been awake since about 03:30. My body starts to stir earlier and earlier as if there’s something I must do or receive. Hopefully receiving is in the area I’m growing in, which I don’t mind losing that sleep over.

However, it’s still a long time before getting dressed at 05:00 and walking out the door not long after. Anyway, I start these mornings in a dimly lit room as I sip coffee, unsweetened tea, or water as I read my devotionals. It’s peaceful. Kids are sleep. I’m able to meditate and pray on what I’ve consumed without the rush.

The lack of rushing (stressing) is what paves the way for the day. I don’t feel shoved into a box of hurriedness and anxiety. I sidestep the speeding to work or forgetting something that is crucial to a project needing to be completed. Instead, there’s purposeful movement. There’s peace in the process. There’s time! Time is what can’t be replaced but it is highly valued in my life.

Time is what I treasure. My application of it reflect my values. And when it’s out of balance in certain areas, the chaos starts to reveal itself.

So, this morning routine is life.

It’s the ability to catch my breath and capture my thoughts. It’s a moment to relax without obligation of doing what someone else wants me to do. It’s full dedication to what I value and desire, which is peace, purpose, prayer, love and balance.

I’m grateful for this morning routine, which I’m going to have to set up a nightly routine as well. These moments are priceless and well needed. I express my gratitude for this moment. My mind is clear. My heart is open. My spirit desires an encounter. Today, I step into this week unrushed and grateful.

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