Gratitude 11-10-18

I’m grateful for a positive resolution to a situation that’s kept my mind and heart captive in helplessness. Lord, I can’t thank you enough. I give you praise.

I’m grateful for continued strength in the shifts occurring within my life. I don’t always feel high energy but I show up and give all of me even when the results may not be favorable. I express gratitude for the ability to keep perspective within it all.

I’m grateful for my spiritual team. I don’t always know who I will meet that will speak a word into my life and vice versa. May God continue to orchestrate these encounters and blessings. I express gratitude for community and unity on this mission.

I’m grateful for my heart. Although bruised and healing, it’s not bitter. I express forgiveness for myself and others. I continue to walk in love.

I’m grateful for creative vision and where it’s going to take me as I use it as a tool to spread love and purpose while being equipped with all I need to prosper on this life journey.

I’m grateful for the breath within my body. I’m able to grow a little more each day. My steps are ordered.

Lord, it’s your will, your way, and your time. I surrender all. I thank you for this life. It hasn’t been easy but I’m blessed to continue to progress. I express my gratitude.

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