19:59 23 Oct 2018

All I know to do, God, is to give it all to you.

Of course, I’ve been here & will most likely keep revisiting this place, bowed before thee.

It’s the beauty of your grace.

My sincerest prayer is love that shines light in dark places.

My sincerest desire is healing and wholeness.

My most heartfelt plea is that you direct him and direct me to a place where clarity and understanding and purpose reign supreme.

Only you know why, Lord, these paths crossed and the shifts that would occur as a result.

I pray that you reveal your will and wrap us both in your arms.

Surrendered and presented before you, you are capable of anything beyond what we can conceive.

May your love and ours connect as we give you the glory.

Hear my cry. Forgive our mistakes.

We seek your encounter and revelation of what to do.

I express my love and gratitude.


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