It’s with sincere adoration that I express my gratitude for the love that I am feeling, am receiving, and am giving.

This is my answered prayer that’s daily become a full breath of air in my lungs, a clear vision in my mind, a hopeful step into each day, and a perfect recipe of all that God is allowing to harvest.

I’m so very thankful for what’s birthed inside both of us and expressed through love, respect, truth, honor, time and etc.

It’s the peace of knowing I didn’t settle for what wasn’t ready or made for me, but instead waited for the blessing to come at the most unexpected time. I’m grateful.

My heart is so full. Thank you for this answered prayer. Thank you for Galen.

May we continue to see the love and light in one another and cultivate the beauty of what makes each of us twinkle in the heart of the other while holding hands through it all. He’s my friend, my lover, my future spouse, my boost, my breath, my muse, my piece of God on Earth, and all that words can’t express.

I thank you for allowing opportunity, love and your push to propel me pass fear and what ifs, and to welcome in new beginnings, present joy, and memories that we continue to build upon.

I am grateful. Please wrap your arms around our love and breathe more of your glorious essence. 💕

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