10/06/18 Reflection

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You just never know what each day will deposit within your hands to manage. But, do you really have to manage it?

This week has been very reflective and transparent. I’m being reminded to Embrace Self no matter what may be flawed, broken, or brilliantly operating in its light. Embrace self and know that everything will be alright.

However, this week a Psalm was read at an Encounter session that really spoke to the place where I’ve been and find myself often located.  Here’s the Psalm.

Psalm 13

How much longer will you forget me, Lord? Forever? 

How much longer will you hide yourself from me?

How long must I endure trouble?

How long will sorrow fill my heart day and night?

How long will my enemies triumph over me?

Look at me, O Lord my God, and answer me.

Restore my strength; don’t let me die.

Don’t let me enemies say, “We have defeated him.”

Don’t let them gloat over my downfall.

I rely on your constant love;

I will be glad, because you will rescue me.

I will sing to you, O Lord. because you have been good to me.

This psalm. This psalm.

It’s a place of humility, thirst, and questioning while wanting and desiring more.  It’s a plea, an out cry, yet it’s optimistic  and grounded in faith and hope.  It reaffirms goodness, even within an undesirable place of surrender.  It’s an  honest and vulnerable moment.  It’s a calling out and reaching for doused in expectation  of a power greater than self.

I’ve been here. Reside here quite often just asking for a sprinkle of a hand that will help a sister achieve the vision and goals aimed for. I also seek confirmation to ensure the path is in line with the overall PLAN of the creator. This isn’t always an easy place and it’s often breed in pain, lack, or something unfavorable.

Don’t get me wrong, the Job (man) plight has significance and I’m not without sight on the many blessings that have been present, are currently present, and what’s too come. Some expression just speaks to the soul, identifies with your placement, and is healing in the unity and vulnerability that it provides.

Overall, I am submitted and expectant, yet flowing in love even when I don’t feel the greatest. The beauty of it all is that it’s always revolving, changing, and progressing as long as I have life. I express my gratitude. I’m grateful for the ability to write this as a personal truth, a healing prescription, and a bridge to the one this resonates with.

So as I wrap this post up, I leave you with a blessing of having a wonderful weekend and upcoming week. Press play on this delight and the lyrics.

Eres un buen padre. Es quien eres tu.  Soy Amado por ti.

You’re a good Father. It’s who you are. I am loved by you.

Blessings 💕✌🏾 💕

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