4:28 am

Credit: Akufh1110 via Pixabay

Another start of a week that I’m blessed to be alive and experience, it’s Monday.

Monday’s bring a certain weight that you have to push a bit harder sometimes to energize and release the restful state that came from the previous day.

The day is already expected to be busy and a structuring for the week’s events. I welcome in this Monday and this week.

I seek a peace that only God is able to provide and a continued refreshing and restoration. My ears and heart are receptive to His voice. I seek an encounter that only God’s grace, love and mercy can pour out.

My prayers are our conversation. My worries, joys, and desires are expressed. I lay my relationship with my love at God’s feet, and I trust and thank Him for blessing and entrusting me with it. I pray that each day strengths our love, communication, connection, and so much more. My gratitude pours from my eyes, my answered prayer and patience, and also my future husband☺️.

Today I also lay at His feet negative thoughts of self and areas lacking perfection. I’m beautifully made. May my inner critic speak only truth and love.

This week will be filled with opportunities and more answered prayers. Thank you, Lord, for your plan and action. I trust you.

4 am… my God… my prayers… my praises…

I am equipped for the journey 🧡

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