Weighted Clouds…

There are no words for when you miss someone and you’re unable to reach out to them for a smile, a laugh, an encouraging word, or just to be accepted for who you are and who they are. It hurts. It leaves a chasm so wide that the word chasm just doesn’t do it justice. But, you find the closest feeling of peace that you can find that your loved and missed one is celebrating and rejoicing in heaven. No pain. No confusion. No trying to figure things out. Only love, praise, glory, and awe. Magnificent awe that can’t be experienced anywhere but at the throne of the Most High. Your tears of hurt and heaviness ease into joy and gratitude. The rays of sunshine once again begin to peak through the clouds of heaviness. And although you still hurt, the good fight was fought and the race was won. The ultimate victory is rejoicing with that loved one, singing, praising, and allowing pure untapped love to flow through the atmosphere.

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