It’s 2:11.

Am I tired? Yes. Am I struggling to stay awake? Yessir. So, why can’t I stay asleep? Insomnia is my only conclusion. 🙄

It’s no fun staying awake when you’d rather be dreaming about future days with that special someone nestled in your bed.

However, I’m awake and writing. Thinking about what the week has in store.. Thinking about my nervousness on that phone call that gave me joy to hear his voice.. Thinking about this outline due today for an essay… Thinking when I’d rather be dreaming.

So, this writing is a release of what may be present but unconscious. Maybe sleep will eventually come… but until then I’ll listen to the rhythm of this rain, give thanks for what’s present and what’s to come…

2 thoughts on “2:11

    1. Yes indeed. It was a true blessing and new face. Hope inspiring. And insomnia seems to be stronger than melatonin lol. Guess I’ll make the best of it for now. It’s great knowing I’m not alone in that struggle

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