Love’s business

Photo by Geralt via Pixabay

Love and business cross my mind more than I care to admit. However, at 4:27 am this morning, this is what is flowing.

Love, for me, is my soul’s product. A priceless and spiritual journey. It’s not marketed but lived as a constantly changing orchestra of all that breathes into my spirit.

Like the sun, it’s degrees produce beauty and possible pain when Improperly stoked. Love, for me, is an unquestionable, unquenchable, and unquantifiable space that can be fueled by an inflection in voice or an embrace that words can’t capture in its exchange.

However, Love is also business because the interaction is not forced. It will capture who it is intended to capture in the ways that allow it to breathe and ignite more love within each encounter. Just as business, its prominence changes given the association and environment.

Have you noticed with business that the product is present, and the buyer that desires what is present will shift and accommodate accordingly to receive an exchange? The product. The price. The sacrifice. The contract.

As I make it my business to make sure I’m loving and honoring myself and those that I allow into my space, I only pray that I attract what’s authentic and willingly given and chosen as a Love in motion to engage in a disciplined yet freeing journey with me. May there be no refunds or exchanges, no testing of other products. May each package of love be cradled and nurtured and moment by moment be invested into with care. 🧡

Only God knows what’s in store…

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