A place of silence

There’s nothing that I choose to give more than silence.

It’s not a long-term affair, only a moment to focus on recharging me without investing in much more.

Was it a trigger? Sure, but of course.

Triggered by the observation of cycles from place to place.

Cycles of seeking and asking but they won’t change who they are.

Cycles of draining me, yet being feeling charged for all that they desire to be.

No, there’s no complaints coming from my tongue. Only a reserved silence.

My outputs outside of my goal are only for what’s truly necessary and willing to be engaged in, you know, the one on ones with true friends.

Sometimes you just have to withdraw and see just how much investing I need to do in me.

Maybe this is why so many of my plans are taking so long to give birth.

Maybe I haven’t been investing my all and all to capture the harvest.

Or, maybe all is in line with God’s plan, even if it continues to strain areas of my life.

Willingly silent, purposefully productive.

Focused intent and tough love.

I express gratitude for the revelation and harvest that’s to come.

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