.. approaching destination ??!..

When will I arrive at the place where my process is churning results? No, it’s not about the acquiring of materials, more of goal accomplishment. A moment of not feeling like I’m trying to win a race on a hamster wheel.

It’s not that I’m lazy because I’m not. It’s not that I’m distracted.. well, sometimes when it comes to doing more for others at the expense of tilling my own planted seeds. Daily growth occurring in that area. It’s not that I don’t possess drive or ambition because I have enough to fuel and fly an aircraft full of people holding anchors in their lap.

Sometimes, things just don’t line up quickly which leaves me feeling like I’m in the desert aka struggleville. Yes, of course, life is filled with struggles that I’ll never be immune to, and I’m grateful for the wisdom acquired.

But… often I’m giving gratitude and prayers to be provided for in a special way that I know only God is capable of providing… like, THAT house and THAT particular vehicle and THAT financial freedom and THAT full time entrepreneurship and THAT coding related goal. It may sound like my focus is off but it’s not.

It’s the little that I would love to be blessed with that changes so many areas for so many generations.

Anyway, just taking a moment to express what’s on my mind…. ✌🏾

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