…so, about that nap

Tired Bitmoji Me



It’s funny that I already wish that I was off of work, and I haven’t even arrived at work for today. The cool fan and comfort of the bed really makes me wish I could turn on my side and welcome in the dreamworld.  Yes, my heart is grateful to have a job as a tool for this life, but sometimes you want a Calgon, Take Me Away moment. More often than not, my thoughts take me to a getaway thats just outside my grasp and still I reach.

So, I rise with the intention that today I’ve prayed for the guidance, protection, and revelation of a plan that’s greater than mine. I smile with the trust that everything is going to work out and that I’m equipped for the day. I raise my hands in humility and grace. And as I countdown until I can take a few hours nap this evening, I’ll be content and a great steward with the moments that take place in the meantime. I find joy in the meantime and not just the future.

Let’s get this day started.  Hey, I wish you a wonderful day too.

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