… awake? Oh, just me…

Two hours ago, I woke up grateful for life but entirely too early for the long day that awaits me. Tossing and turning as math equations cycle in my mind, a lot of work was put in this week. Why math though? Why not some peaceful streams and cotton candy colored clouds, something that doesn’t equate to the mental work. This sister is drained. The dark circles under my eyes make me wish that I owned just one makeup product to conceal the zombie drain I’m feeling.

However, today I’ll still do the best I can with what I have. My intentions are set to being productive, a bit more reserved than usual, loving, and optimistic about what I’m working so hard to achieve. I give thanks because although I can’t see it all now, I know that my goal will be achieved. Debt free. Financial freedom. Full time entrepreneurship that can be majorly conducted from my laptop while traveling and living life more, as my kids embark on the journey with me. The planted seeds will reap a bountiful harvest for generations to come. Perhaps a partner disciplined and dedicated to life and love with me shall be weaved in the mix, if that’s the creator’s plan. No stress either way. I smile with these tired eyes because this reminder is the fuel that I’ll need for today and many days to come. I’m grateful for where I am, even when it’s not my ideal, and for what’s to come. My gratitude rises.

Lord, I thank you. Cleanse me and forgive me for anything not of your will. Guide me with love and wisdom. I seek your instruction and Spirit. Fuel me for today as I navigate the blessing of life that you’ve bestowed upon me. Thank you. A special prayer of love, clarity and protection for my family and friends. Touch their hearts and their minds. Plant seeds of hope within their day. I express gratitude. Amen.

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